Building a successful soap biz starts with profitable pricing.

Find out how much money you really make when you sell a bar of soap
and how to get started turning your biz into a profitable powerhouse in under 5 minutes.

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Rockstar, you’ve already decided you want to give your soap biz a real shot at being just that: a business.

You have a real passion for making your products - from picking scents to formulating your soaps to wrapping your bars into neat packaging. 

All of that lights you up. 

But are you making money from what you love? 

Here’s the truth, rockstar. There’s one thing that separates hobby soapmakers from soap biz owners: money. 

Here’s how the dictionary defines business: 

The provision of goods and services in exchange for a profit.

So, you’ve got the goods… but do you have the profit? 

Let the Flawless AF Pricing Tool show you the way.

Get Started with the Flawless AF Pricing Tool ($17)

The Flawless AF Pricing Tool is here to help you take the guesswork out of pricing your products.

(So you can see if you’re on the right track toward profitability…
or if you have an expensive hobby that needs some fine-tuning

Plus, it helps you figure out exactly what you need to do to up your game.

When you get access to the Flawless AF Pricing Tool, you’ll receive:

  • Our custom fill-in-the-blank calculator, which automatically computes the minimum amount you should charge to break even, the optimal price to turn a profit, and a line-by-line breakdown of the actual components in pricing your product.

  • A recommendation key so you can easily understand each factor that goes into pricing your product, and where you might be losing money (or be ahead of the curve) in how you put your products on the table. 

  • A guide that tackles common questions and concerns about raising your prices.

  • An exclusive pep talk video from Kenna herself to help you understand what you can do now to lower the cost of producing your product so you can take a step toward profitability in your soap biz.

You can get all this insight in under 5 minutes.

Ready to take this next step toward figuring out the profit part of your soap biz and start making money every time you sell soap?

Use the Flawless AF Pricing Tool Right Now ($17)

Raise your hand if anyone’s ever called your business “cute.” 

They may have said something like, “oh, you’re running a ‘little business.’” 

Or, “Wow, it’s so nice that you can bring in a little money on the side.” 

Or, fill-in-the-blank-with-something-equally-slap-worthy.

If you haven’t been told lately, rockstar,
here’s a reminder:

Your business can be as big as you want it to be. 

You can grow it to support you and your family. 

You can grow it to support a team. 

You can grow it to sell it. 

You can grow it however you want… 

But the reality is getting to the destination you want is so much damn harder when you don’t have the clarity, tools, and knowledge to help you get pointed in the right direction. 

Growing your business is work, but it doesn’t have to be unbearably hard. 

Let’s prove all those who want to keep you small wrong.

Let’s get your bottom line in order... starting with your pricing. 

Get the Flawless AF Pricing Tool ($17)

Hey there, rockstar!
I don't think we've met, I'm Kenna.

Let's turn your soapy passion into cash in your pocket.

I’ve owned and operated two successful soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2018, I sold Gratitude Soapery so I could put 100% of my focus on helping you have the same success.

When it comes to being a badass soap biz owner, you could say, I’ve been there, done that, and have the damn t-shirt.

Let's get you one, too.

The Flawless AF Pricing Tool
is right for you if:

🌠 You’re a soap biz owner at any stage of the game who wants to know how profitable you are for every product you sell. 

🌠 You want to treat your baby like the business it is, and you understand that pricing is a vital part of that mission. 

🌠 You are looking for guidance to help get your soap biz in order, and you’re ready to stop adding things up on sticky notes and get real with your money.

You want to be a modern soapmaker who runs the business you want to run — on your terms.

Get Started with the Flawless AF Pricing Tool ($17)

Let's get down to it, shall we?

How long will it take me to get my answer? 

For real, this will take you (likely less than) 5 minutes to input your numbers and get a result. The tool guides through what numbers you need, what they mean, and how they make an impact on your pricing.

What if I don’t think someone will pay what the calculator says? 

There are a lot of factors that go into knowing what the market will support when it comes to your pricing, and the follow-up guide breaks it down so that you understand where your pricing needs to fall to be attractive to your audience. 

I don’t like what the calculator told me. Can I get a refund? 

Um, no. It sounds like it's doing exactly what it's designed to do: deliver the truth about what it means to be a profitable biz. That's not always pretty or easy - but it's necessary. (We don't candy-coat around here!)

Plus, if you have a knee-jerk reaction to the pricing the tool recommends for you, the accompanying information will help make it easier to understand and implement (if you desire to). 

Snag the Flawless AF Pricing Tool ($17)

You can have the profitable soap biz
you want, rockstar!

But it starts with knowing your numbers. 

Get the real deal on your bottom line in under 5 minutes - what are you waiting for?

Grab the Flawless AF Pricing Tool ($17)