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Sell high-quality handcrafted beard wash and shampoo syndet bars - without having to figure out the recipe on your own.

Take advantage of over a decade of formulating expertise and add these bestselling products to your brand's line with private label and contract manufacturing with Modern Soapmaking. No hassle, no research and development, no problem.


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Tackle the trends without wasting your time.

With custom manufacturing, you can add beard wash bars and shampoo bars to your product line, with someone else's hands doing all the work. Still handmade. Still high quality. But you can stay focused on turning a profit and selling your products.

Don't have your own syndet bar recipe? We've got you. With private-label beard cleansing bars and shampoo bars, you get access to tried and true tested formulas and expert formulators with over a decade of experience. 

✅ Customizable pH-balanced formulas for your customers' specific haircare needs

✅ Use your own fragrances or tell us what you're looking for & we'll find it

✅ Select from hundreds of mineral-based pigments to add a touch of color

✅ Add custom finishing touches like shrinkwrapping, labels, or boxes

✅ Expert knowledge and advice to ensure you're set up for success

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Look no further if you're setting the bar high for your customers.

There's no need to skimp on quality ingredients or settle for boring run-of-the-mill fragrances. (Plus, no one wants to sell the same thing as their competitors!)

We know what sells and what works best and have custom-formulated hundreds of products for other companies. And now you get to take advantage.

✅ Low minimums

✅ Tier discounts available

✅ Handcrafted in New York

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Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Established

Since 2014, Modern Soapmaking has been a leading resource in the handcrafted soap and skincare industry.

Thousands of soap businesses and skincare brands have learned from us, worked with us, and hired us. Now you can, too.

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